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Sea Moss Soap: Benefits & Recipes

Sea moss soap

Scientifically known as Chondrus crispus, sea moss (or Irish moss) is a red alga growing along the rocky Atlantic coasts.

While the Irish and Jamaican people have been using it as a natural medicine for centuries, recent discoveries about its natural properties have propelled it to the top of the skincare scene. 

Besides being an excellent skin moisturizer, sea moss has incredible soothing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties.

So, if you're tired of toxic chemicals found in traditional soaps that are aggressive on your skin and dangerous for your health, sea moss soap is the gentlest all-natural alternative.

Guaranteed without parabens, SLS, and other endocrine disruptors, it deeply nourishes the skin with essential minerals and vitamins. 

Learn more about sea moss soap and its benefits, how to use it, and how to make it at home!

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What is Sea Moss Soap? 

Sea moss soap is a gentle soap formulated with sea moss as its main active ingredient. It’s an all-natural and soothing alternative to harsh synthetic cleansers that often cause skin irritation and dryness. 

It’s ideal for people with sensitive skin and can be used daily on your face and body as part of your regular skincare routine.

Sea moss soap is packed with minerals and vitamins that help keep the skin soft, deeply moisturized, nourished, and young.

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Sea Moss Soap Benefits

Sea moss is a skincare powerhouse that naturally contains excellent nutrients for the skin, including sulfur, vitamin E, A, C, and B complex, omega-3, zinc, and others. 

It’s also known as one of the best sources of plant-based collagen. It helps increase the body's natural collagen production to improve skin elasticity. In addition, its high content of magnesium, potassium, and vitamins significantly reduces wrinkles and makes the skin feel and look younger. That's why dermatologists often call it a "natural form of Botox."

While the most common way to use sea moss for skin is to make a sea moss gel face mask, using sea moss soap instead of a regular soap helps:

  • Cleanse your skin without drying it out
  • Respect your skin's natural barrier
  • Clear your pores and fight acne
  • Treat psoriasis and eczema
  • Prevent your skin from losing its elasticity
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Give your skin a natural glow 

Besides, sea moss soap is 100% natural and contains no harsh chemicals like artificial fragrances, detergents, or preservatives.

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How to Make Sea Moss Soap: DIY Recipes

Some sea moss soaps are available online and probably in your nearby organic store. However, if you're familiar with the soap-making process and want to make your own sea moss soap bar, here are a few recipes for you to try! 

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Natural sea moss soap recipe (cold process method)

Sea moss cold process soap


There are several ways to make soap, including cold process, hot process, melt & pour, and rebatching.

The cold process method is the most natural one giving the best results. However, it’s quite complicated, requires specific products and materials (including safety gloves and goggles), and can be dangerous if not done correctly.

If you're not familiar with cold-process soap-making, we do not recommend trying to make sea moss soap this way. Instead, start with recipe #2 (rebatching method) or recipe #3 (melt & pour soap).

For those who already know how to make cold-process soap, here are a few pieces of advice on how to add sea moss to your new soap bars: 

  1. Sea moss soap is made with sea moss gel. You can start from scratch and make your own sea moss gel from dry sea moss or purchase ready-to-use sea moss gel.

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  1. You can add anything from 1% to 15% of sea moss gel to your soap preparation, depending on the concentration you’d like.
  1. Sea moss can speed up the soap trace (when the oils and lye water emulsify in the saponification process). So, you want to add your sea moss gel at the last step, after mixing your oil blend with the lye water and adding other ingredients (essential oils, clays, etc.).

Watch this video from the Sunshine Soap and Candle Company for a step-by-step recipe to make cold-process sea moss soap.

Raw dry sea moss


Sea moss and turmeric soap (rebatching method)

 Rebatched sea moss soap

The rebatching soap making method is fairly easy and anyone can do it at home. Rebatching means making new soaps out of old ones.

Here’s how to make sea moss soap with the rebatching soap-making method:

  1. Gather old soap bars and shred them with a cheese grater, a citrus zester, or a potato peeler (as thin as possible).
  2. Melt the soap in a saucepan over low heat. Stir well during the melting process. It can take up to 1 or 2 hours until the soap is completely melted and smooth. You may add a bit of distilled water if necessary.
  3. Add 1 tablespoon of sea moss gel and half a teaspoon of turmeric powder for 4 ounces of soap. Stir well until evenly mixed.
  4. Pour the sea moss soap preparation into a mold and let it harden for about 24 hours.
  5. Allow your sea moss soap to dry out for 3 weeks before use.

This sea moss and turmeric soap is ideal for people with sensitive skin. Sea moss is very gentle and soothing. It deeply nourishes your skin with essential minerals and vitamins, while turmeric provides a natural glow and luster to the skin.   

Sea moss gel

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Sea moss soap without lye (melt & pour method)

Sea moss melt and pour soaps


Melt and Pour soap is a pre-saponified soap base ready to use to make your own soap. The main advantage here is that you do not have to manipulate the lye.

It’s the easiest way to make sea moss soap at home, but you must carefully choose your melt-and-pour base as not all of them are natural. Always prefer an oil-rich base to a glycerin-only one, and make sure to choose ingredients that suit your skin type.

Here's how to make sea moss soap from a melt & pour soap base:

  1. First, cut your soap base into small pieces so it's easier to melt.
  2. Microwave the melt and pour soap pieces until completely melted (follow melting instructions for your specific melt and pour base).
  3. Add approx. 3 to 5 tablespoons of Organics Nature’s Sea Moss & Collagen powder per 15 fluid ounces of melted soap.
  4. Pour the sea moss soap into a mold and let it sit accordingly to the melt & pour base instructions (usually about one hour).

Sea moss and collagen powder

Organics Nature's Sea Moss and Collagen Peptides Powder

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Have you ever tried sea moss soap? Do you like it? Please share your experiences and recipes in the comment section below!


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