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The Right Way to Use Sea Moss for Weight Loss

Last updated on November 23, 2022

Sea moss for weight loss

Sea moss is the newest trend on the weight-loss forum. Along with its numerous health benefits, this Atlantic red seaweed is said to be the ultimate ingredient to add to a weight-loss diet.

It’s rich in dietary fiber, helps regulate the appetite, boosts the metabolism, supplements the body with essential minerals and vitamins, and is believed to be an efficient fat burner.

Let’s look deeper into how sea moss promotes weight loss and how you should use it to maximize its benefits.

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How Does Sea Moss Help You Lose Weight?

Numerous studies[1] have already linked edible seaweeds to weight management and obesity prevention. There are several ways in which sea moss supports weight loss. Research indicates that it may help regulate your appetite, make you stay full longer, break down fat, and promote superior gut health.

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Appetite regulation and feeling of satiety

Sea moss has high fiber content, mainly from the carrageenan it contains. Carrageenan is a natural compound that has no nutritional value. Because the body can't process or digest it, it acts as a soluble fiber in the digestive tract. When in the stomach, it absorbs water and forms a gel-like substance. 

Soluble fibers like the sea moss’s carrageenan are essential for weight loss. They help slow down digestion and keep the food for longer in your stomach. That's what makes you stay full longer. Besides helping with weight management[2], increasing your fiber intake also helps prevent diabetes and heart disease, two serious diet-related health conditions that sea moss may help prevent too.

This feeling of satiety or fullness reduces the risks of overeating or eating too often and eventually gaining weight. Taking sea moss in the morning allows you to regulate your appetite for the first part of the day and makes you feel less hungry.

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Binge-eating and emotional eating control

There’s no study on the topic yet, but frequent consumers report that sea moss helps suppress intense hunger cravings. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, 2.8 million Americans have binge eating disorder (BED).

As said above, the large amount of soluble fiber found in sea moss prevents the stomach from emptying too fast, increasing the feeling of fullness and decreasing feelings of hunger.

Additionally, due to its high content of antioxidants, flavonoids, and omega-3, sea moss is known to be one of the most efficient mood-uplifting foods. Therefore, consuming it regularly helps those who struggle with emotional eating (eating to soothe negative emotions, stress, boredom, sadness, and loneliness).

Body fat reduction

Interestingly, studies conducted on animals have shown that Irish moss may help lower fat absorption, decrease fat cell production, boost the breakdown of stored fat, and promote the fat-burning process.

Indeed, seaweeds are proven to help reduce body fat and improve metabolism by burning more calories, which ultimately helps you lose weight. When you have a slow metabolism, your body struggles to convert the food you eat into energy, which often results in fat storage and weight gain.

Of course, sea moss only isn’t enough to reduce body fat. But if consumed with a healthy diet and physical exercise, it can help you get rid of that belly fat you’ve been struggling with for years.

Prebiotics and weight loss

The gut microbiota is directly linked to obesity and overweight[3]. Simply put, gut bacteria break down the food you ingest in different ways. For example, the ones that produce more enzymes to break down starches into sugar can make it harder to lose weight because they add calories to your body. If your guts have more of these, you may struggle with weight loss compared to others.

That’s precisely where sea moss may help you lose weight too. Chondrus crispus and similar edible algae are considered prebiotic foods. As opposed to probiotics (live bacteria found in foods), prebiotics are fibers that feed the good gut’s bacteria and help crowd out the bad ones, promoting superior gut health and helping with weight management. 

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Weight loss diets and nutrient deficiencies 

Sea moss can help prevent nutrient deficiencies that often occur during a weight-loss diet. There are numerous weight-loss diet plans out there that all promise great results. However, keep in mind that any restrictive diet that excludes certain types of nutrients may be dangerous for your health (including paleo, low-carb, Dukan, ultra-low-fat, Atkins, HCG, zone diet, and others).

If you’re on such a weight-loss diet, you need mineral and vitamin supplements. That's where sea moss comes in, once again. Besides supporting your weight loss program and helping you lose weight, sea moss contains up to 92 minerals and vitamins. It's one of the most nutrient-rich foods and provides the body with essential macro and micro-nutrients.

A zero-calorie ingredient!

Last but not least, Irish moss is an ideal ingredient for weight loss and low-calorie diets.It's full of dietary fiber and packed with minerals and vitamins, but it has no sugar, no saturated fat, and omega 3. As a result, one serving of sea moss counts for five calories only!

How to Use Sea Moss for Weight Loss?

So, you’ve decided to try sea moss for weight loss. Now, let’s learn how to use it properly to maximize its benefits. How much should you take and when? What forms work best? 

How much sea moss to take daily for weight loss?

Sea moss is highly concentrated, and, like any superfood, it should be consumed in moderation. While it has incredible health benefits, overconsuming Chondrus crispus could lead to iodine poisoning and other potential side effects.

For weight loss purposes and depending on your age, size, and weight, we recommend taking 1 to 4 tablespoons of sea moss gel daily. Start with the lowest dosage and gradually increase as your body gets used to it. 

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Raw, gel, capsules, pills, or gummies?

All forms of sea moss work for weight loss. You can consume raw sea moss, in gel, capsules, or gummies, but gel and pills are the most common ways to take sea moss for weight loss.

Sea moss gel is easy to incorporate into your favorite food or drink. On the other hand, sea moss weight loss pills like the ones from Organics Nature are generally enriched with other weight-loss ingredients such as Greenselect phytosome and cayenne pepper. They act in synergy for powerful weight-loss benefits!

Morning or evening?

Sea moss can be consumed at any time of the day, but if you're taking it for weight loss, we recommend taking it in the morning. That way, you’ll benefit from a feeling of fullness throughout the day to help prevent cravings and snacking.

Unlike what you may have read on other websites, you do not have to take it on an empty stomach. Sea moss works as well (and tastes better) if taken with foods or drinks.

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Sea moss smoothie for weight loss

Smoothies are an excellent way to consume sea moss and combine it with other healthy, nutritious ingredients. Here's one of our favorite sea moss smoothie recipes for weight loss: a total fat-burning combo!

Sea moss smoothie for weight loss

Ingredients (2 servings):

  • 2 cups spinach
  • 4 tbsp fresh mint
  • 2 stalk celery
  • 1 grapefruit
  • 2 cups frozen pineapple
  • 4-6 tbsp dr. Sebi-inspired organic sea moss gel
  • 1 cup ice


  1. Chop the celery stalk into small pieces.
  2. Peel the grapefruit and take the seeds off.
  3. Place the spinach, mint, and grapefruit into a blender.
  4. Puree until smooth.
  5. Add the celery, frozen pineapple, ice, and sea moss gel.
  6. Blend again.
  7. Serve cold, and enjoy!

FAQs About Taking Sea Moss for Weight Loss

Here are several frequently asked questions about taking sea moss for weight loss. Should we fail to answer yours, feel free to ask in the comment section below!

What’s the best sea moss for weight loss?

All sea moss products can be taken for weight loss purposes. While sea moss gel is most common, some people prefer taking pills, capsules, powder, gummies, or even raw sea moss.

More than the form of sea moss itself, the important thing is the nutrients you're ingesting. So make sure to get only high-quality and organic sea moss. Stay away from fake pool-grown sea moss. It contains very few nutrients compared to the wildcrafted one, and its health benefits are minimal. 

Can sea moss make you gain weight?

Sea moss is a great supplement to help you lose weight, and eating it does not make you gain weight. It has few calories, no fat, no sugar, and little protein. However, it can assist you in a weight-gain diet by providing your body with healthy minerals and vitamins.

Sea moss also helps increase muscle mass, which can be a way to gain weight too, as muscles are heavier than fat.

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Does sea moss break a fast?

Technically, any calories that you eat can break a fast. However, one serving of sea moss counts only 5 calories and has no sugar or fat. Therefore, taking sea moss gel pure or dissolved in water won't disrupt your fasting state and put your body in a feeding state.

Taking sea moss gel while fasting can even be beneficial, as it makes you feel full and gives you plenty of nutrients and energy.

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Can sea moss help get rid of belly fat?

Yes, sea moss can help you reduce that belly fat you’ve been trying to lose for years. Its nutrients are known to boost metabolism, reduce fat cell production, boost the breakdown of stored fat, and enhance the fat-burning process.

It’s not magical, though, and the mere fact of eating sea moss isn’t sufficient to lose belly fat. However, if taken with a healthy diet and physical exercise, it can assist and speed up your fat-burning process.

Does sea moss make you hungry?

No, sea moss is not supposed to make you hungry. Quite the opposite, in fact. Because of its high dietary fiber content, sea moss makes you feel full for longer. It suppresses intense hunger cravings and reduces appetite, which is why it's very helpful during a weight-loss diet. 

Can you take sea moss if you have diabetes?

Absolutely. Sea moss is generally considered safe for people with diabetes. It can even help with blood sugar management and has been proven lower blood sugar and decrease insulin resistance. 

In any case, always ask for your doctor’s advice before taking sea moss if you have any chronic health condition.

And The Ultimate Question...

Can you really lose weight with sea moss?

The short answer is yes; sea moss can help you lose weight. But it’s not a magic supplement. It can only work if you take it consistently, with a healthy diet and physical exercise. 

Try it out for yourself! And remember that while sea moss is a great ally on your weight loss journey, it all starts within you!


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